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How To Get Rid Of Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is known as the obsessive-compulsive disorder that makes people addicted to gambling every time. Gambling is fun only when you do occasionally but prolonged interest in gambling can turn your interest into an obsession. This passion forces you to gamble continuously whether you are winning or not. As a result, you lose all your money in gambling. In short, gambling addiction destroys you mentally, socially, physically, and financially.

gambling addiction

If you or your near one are addicted to gambling, then you are in the right place. Here we come with some of the reliable tips that can help you to get rid of the gambling addiction. But before treating the addiction, let’s take a look at how this gambling addiction does start?

People usually gamble for various reasons such as curiosity, getting hooked, make money, and so on. But addiction starts when people start gambling to get rid of their personal and professional issues and once they got success in forgetting their problems, then they visit continuously for the same reason. In the end, they got addicted to gambling.

An addicted gamble until they left nothing even they do not hesitate to borrow or beg money from others so that they can gamble every day.

The situation can be tackled but the most difficult thing is to identify the addicted gambler. Because they act very smartly and never let you know that they are addicted. The simplest way to locate them is they will always ask you for lending money sneak around and always try to lie about whereabouts.

Tips To Treat The Gambling Addiction

Confession is the first step that can help you to cure your addiction. When you will confess in front of someone else will motivate you to stay away from gambling. Make sure to confess to someone closer to you and you can trust them. This is difficult to confess your disability to someone else but it is surely the best way to treat addiction and bring your confidence back.

Now you need to avoid visiting the gambling places where you often go to play your favorite casino game. IF you are addicted to online gambling, then remove all the gambling sites from your computer or mobile. And then start focus on some physical activities such as walk, gym, etc that will help to distract you from gambling.

Follow some natural therapies rather than the medications that all these medicines may have some side effects. Also, you will start depending on the medicines as well. You should also join gambling anonymous support forums where you can other addicted persons who are trying to treat this habit and you will eventually learn something good to stop gambling.

Remember treating the gambling addiction is an ongoing battle that takes time to cure and you have to fight for it until you completely get rid of gambling addiction.


How To Start An Online Casino Business

Given that casinos are quite addictive for many players, and most of them visit the casinos quite often, it is quite profitable to open an online casino business. However, it would help if you plan the strategies well for starting a successful online casino business. For making profits in the casino business, you may need to burn some midnight oil.

online casino business

Tips To Start A Successful Online Casino Business

Useful software

To start, you need to have some excellent online casino software. The software program must be able to make you licensed. They should work on a variety of platforms. You must also check for the customer support options. In the end, your website should be user friendly, so you must not make your site too intriguing for the users.

You should know your goals

Planning before implementing will be helpful in your casino business. It would help if you had a clear picture of what your website will offer tom the customers.

Understand customer’s requirements

This is an essential step for starting any successful business, and the online casino business is no exception. Unless you know what customers want precisely, you cannot curate products satisfying their needs. It would be prudent to do a survey or research first for understanding the customer’s likes and dislikes. Once you are aware of the customer’s likes and dislikes, your website can easily entertain the customers and address their requirements.

Offer an attractive welcome bonus

When your website is new, it would be prudent to announce a massive welcome bonus to attract more customers initially. Once the customers know of your site, they will start visiting them after some time.

Work on the casino license

You must work hard to get your casino licensed. A licensed casino will attract more players, as they will ensure more credibility. You must know the legal aspects well before reaching the casino license. You may need to do a lot of researches and hard work initially, but you will reap in the profits for a long time.

Secure and convenient payment options

Since many customers will confide many essential details on your website; hence the payment channels should be secure. You can go to SSL  for more security. It would help if you also accepted multiple modes of payments online.

Attractive site design

The site design should be exciting and catchy. You can get help from a good website designer.

Focus on strong marketing

The marketing needs to be appropriately done to attract many eyeballs. You can focus on useful content, graphics, and sound effects. It would help if you offered plenty of reward options to make your site more lucrative and to gain a competitive advantage. You can also announce a bonus for returning players.

Offer multiple features

You should include various gaming options on your site to cater to the needs of many gamblers.

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Countries That Gamble The Most

Countries that gamble the most

Casino industry is highly profitable and in the next five years, the casino industry revenue is expected to still rise.

Based on data from H2 Gambling Capita, Australia experiences the most important gaming losses.

Let’s look into some important facts and figures given by Claim Jumper Casino

List Of Top Countries That Gamble The Most 

1. Australia: consistent with H2 Gambling Capital (H2G) in 2016, the losses per each adult for gambling amounted to $990 – at the time, the most important globally. The Sunday Morning Herald reported in 2017 that Australians lost a complete of $24 billion annually through gambling. Adult gamblers reported a loss of $1,128 per adult with 935 gamblers registered to be banned from casinos between 2006 and 2010. However, these gamblers were caught over 1,200 times for breaching their ban. 

2. United Kingdom: The United Kingdom leads the pack when it involves the amount of active gamblers. And while you digest that, there is more. The nations of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland cumulatively account for the most important percentage of gamblers under the age of 21. This demographic makes up 65 percent of all active participants within the industry. As of 2020, it is estimated that gambling addiction costs the United Kingdom up to £1.2 billion per annum. And if nothing else, 46 percent of Brits have gambled in how within the last month. 

The combined nations of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland has the very best percentage of gamblers under the age of 21 who account for 65% of all active participants within the industry.

facts and figures of top gamblers

3. USA: Las Vegas, Nevada brings in many tourists every that each one wants to experience the brilliant lights and gambling environment. And with sports betting beginning to make a comeback, it is going to not be too long before the US challenges for the highest spot. Consistent with Statists, the gambling industry accounts for a contribution of $137.5 billion to the economy, while forecasts for 2019 indicate that the gross gambling yield within the country will reach $495 billion. Great for a rustic where Las Vegas and Atlantic City are the sole legal gambling zones.

4. Singapore: Singapore’s gambling is booming, but not without some restrictions. To easily enter a casino there, one has got to spare a hefty sum of cash, which may be discouraging, but the numbers are speaking for themselves, and therefore the gambling costs are averaging at $1100. The government is discouraging gambling by the locals by imposing an entry fee of $81 for locals who wish to enter the online casino. Families also are allowed to ban their members from visiting the casinos under the “Family Exclusion Orders.” However, these measures have done little to dampen the gambling spirit within the country. The country recorded $1,174 losses per adult in 2010.

5. Canada: Over 75% of Canadian adults are involved in a minimum of one sort of gambling. The very best number of gamblers within the country comes from Saskatchewan. Canada recorded $568 gaming losses per adult. While gambling is regulated in Canada, with 50 casinos nationally, the gambling industry generates a modest $13 billion annually for the economy, with every active gambler spending a mean of $570 annually. Yearly spending in Canada is $570.

6. Ireland: The large losses by gambling adults which average $588 per adult have forced the government to start out enacting laws that will help regulate the gaming industry in Ireland. Consistent with H2G in 2016, Irish spent quite $550 per adult on gambling per annum, with lotteries also a well-liked activity. We will only speculate on why the sight of our furry friends chasing after the bait excites Irish such a lot, but either way, there is a big betting market, so it will work for us. 

7. Italy: Despite the fact that the nation just records for two percent of the overall populace, the Liberal Association reports that 800,000 Italians have a betting habit, with Statists demonstrating that the nation’s economy created roughly €102 billion out of 2017 through betting. Italians are not scared of indulging themselves in gambling activities, spending on gambling $517 a year per person.


Pros and Cons of Online Mobile Gambling

Mobile casinos are the greatest type of online casinos. It is considered an ideal option for those gamblers who are fond of online casinos but don’t have enough time to go through the real casinos due to their busy lifestyles. However, this modern technology offers several benefits and drawbacks to the users that every gambler must have to be familiar with. So let’s get started with the pros and cons of the online mobile casino.

Online Mobile Gambling

The first and foremost benefit of mobile casinos is that you don’t need to travel to the casinos to play your favorite game. The mobile casino allows you to travel and can play casinos at any time and anywhere. You can play online mobile poker and roulette whenever you urge to play online casinos.

Due to the reduced size of the mobile casino, it can easily fit in your pocket. Even if you don’t need to take heavy laptop bags and related accessories with you while traveling. All you need to download and install software and you will be ready to play blackjack, poker, and any other related casino game.

On the other side, people may take time to adapt to the small screen of mobile phones. They might find it difficult to play on the small screen of the phones as compared to the other normal casinos. Furthermore, people also found it difficult to view games on a smaller format screen. Playing casino games on the phone is much more limited than the computer or laptop.

A computer allows the users to make easy movements by using the mouse. Hence mobile casinos can be a little more difficult access than web-based casinos. However, now mobile manufacturers are building new phones by keeping gaming in their mind which means that you will get a larger and clearer screen with high-end user-friendly controls.

Mobile casinos are enticed to play with the greater amount while changing from the land-based casinos to the mobile casinos. This happens because you will not be able to see money on the virtual betting tables and consequently you will end up spending more money on online or mobile casinos.

Now you can see that mobile casinos have both benefits and drawbacks. Hence it is your choice whether to play mobile casinos or not. While playing mobile casinos, you must have to be very careful hence you will end up spending more money. Also if you decide to play online casinos, then you must have to go through all the casino guidelines so that you can protect yourself from losing money.